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CLOSED- Senor Rotisserie Chicken

Restaurant- Senor Rotisserie Chicken
3330 Hillcroft Street, Houston, Texas 77057
Buffet or a-la-carte: Both
Date of visit: 7/22/2013


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Update: 9/12/13
Sadly there was a fire in this restaurant early morning on the 10th. This place is closed until further notice. It will most probably open up after everything is cleared up from it. If anyone knows what caused the fire, please comment below.


Salam/Hello guys! I am back! Today I will be reviewing Senor Rotisserie Chicken. This restaurant has been open since February and is the first fully halal rotisserie in Houston. This place also has options such as burgers, broasted (deep fried chicken), and grilled chicken.
I was on Hillcroft Avenue when the sunset occurred. I had just come out of the small mosque after breaking my fast for the day. Initially, I was going to review Lucy Ethiopian Restaurant, but it had closed for the day. Then I had decided to try Bijan Persian Grill, but the parking lot and the restaurant were full. Then I proceeded to try Busy Boy; that was full too. Both parking lots were full as many people went there to eat after a long day of fasting. Given the high number of halal restaurants on Hillcroft Avenue, those two are the best restaurants in that area (Bijan review coming soon). So I hoped that this restaurant would be as good as those two. As I had finished ordering, I realized that I was running late for prayers, so I had to get the food to go. So for the first time, I will be reviewing food that is not eaten at the restaurant!

Let the Experience Begin:
Senor Rotisserie Chicken is located right near to Jerusalem Halal Meats. For those who don't know what rotisserie is, it is basically roasted chicken that is cooked on a rotating rod in an open oven. It mostly resembles the taquerias that are common in Houston, with a social ambiance and a wide open kitchen. When coming in, music is playing on a Spanish radio station. There are paintings of famous Mexican structures and also structures from the Middle East. I took a peek of the menu and around three minutes later, I went and ordered.

Let's Eat!
I ordered a whole chicken with a side of french fries and a bottled water. Price was really good for a whole chicken: $ 14.81 (tax included) The waiting time was a sufficient 18 minutes and 41 seconds, considering the fact that it was A WHOLE CHICKEN. While waiting for the food, I saw something that was shocking. A dissatisfied customer was complaining to the owner. He was speaking in Arabic, but by body language, I could tell he was upset. The shocking thing was that the owner yelled back at him rudely. Very unprofessional. The owner should learn from the cashier from the infamous Dunkin Donuts rant to keep his cool while dealing with a disgruntled customer. The least he could say was sorry. It is very important that restaurant employers (and employees) should remain calm and professional at all times, and that they should always satisfy the customer. If this does not happen, then people would not want to come to the restaurant after they hear of the incident. Another problem I noticed was that the owner left the kitchen to talk to his family, and only one employee was cooking my food. Yes the family is there, but you also have to realize that there is only one person in the entire kitchen cooking a whole chicken!!! Heck, one of the family members pointed to me, and had asked the owner where my food was. Definitely unacceptable behavior there. It's like working in an engineering company and hanging out with your family during working hours without telling the boss that you are taking a paid leave of absence. 

Menu Pics:

Whole Chicken

Half and Quarter Chickens

Burgers and Sandwiches

Broasted Chicken and Family Meal

Salad & Soup and Xtras

Kids Meal and Beverages

Side Orders


Whole Chicken

The Verdict:
To be very honest, the food was average, except the fries. The fries was absolutely delicious. The chicken, however, was a different story. The chicken was bland; no flavor whatsoever. The skin was not spicy enough. The whole thing was very greasy. Many people would tell me that I should have put something like ketchup on the chicken, but I do not like putting ketchup with chicken. I like my food how it is presented as stated in the menu. It's only acceptable to put sauces or ketchup on side items such as fries or salad. It is also acceptable if the menu states that a sauce is part of a dish. This is because your hands would be even more greasy if the sauce or ketchup is added to the chicken. This reminded me of the horrid roast chicken I had at a party in my aunt's house in Dallas. Overall, one thumb up for the fries and one thumb down for the chicken.

Senor Rotisserie Chicken may have been in the halal food business for less than a year, but it has a lot of issues. First, the owner should be professional towards his customers. Second, a customer, whether family or not, should not remind the owner about an order for a customer that is waiting. Finally, the chicken could be less greasy and be better marinated before it is roasted. Only if these happen will the business succeed. I would not come back here again after what I had seen. And if anyone wants to try halal roasted, grilled, or broasted chicken, I would suggest you find another place in town.

Service: 4/10 (Unprofessional)
Food: 7/10  (Fries were good, chicken wasn't)
Waiting time: 10/10 (18 minutes 41 seconds)
Total: 21/30 = 70% (C)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Senor Chicken Rotisserie
3330 Hillcroft Ave, Houston, Texas 77057
Phone: (832) 203-7127
Website: None
Twitter: None
Timings --> Mon-Sun: 11 AM - 10 PM
Caters: Yes

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Zain Mohammed

Thursday, July 11, 2013

RELOCATED- Fish Skillet- Now Dat is Something Ya Don't See Everyday

Restaurant- Fish Skillet
Original Address: 19221 West Little York Road, Katy, Texas 77449
Buffet or A-la-Carte: A-la-Carte
Date of Visit: 7/9/2013


UPDATE 8/10/15: They're now open on W Houston Center Boulevard and Richmond Avenue! Everything is halal. I got the chicken, beef sausage and shrimp gumbo, garlic bread, blackened chicken, jambalaya rice, a sauce, and hush puppies. The garlic bread, gumbo, and jambalaya rice were really good. The sauce and the chicken tasted great together, considering the fact that the chicken barely had flavor. The hush pupped were overcooked.
The service was excellent. The people were very nice and helpful. They always had a smile on their faces.

Top left: garlic bread. Top right: gumbo. Bottom: hush puppies, blackened chicken, sauce, jambalaya rice with no meat, garlic bread.

New Grading:
Service: 9/10
Food: 7.5/10
Total: 16.5/20 = 82.5% (B)

New Restaurant Information:
Fish Skillet
12289 W Houston Center Boulevard, Houston, Texas 77082
Phone: (281) 741-7165
Website: http://www.fishskillethouston.com/
Timings --> Mon-Sat: 10:30 AM - 9 PM; Sun: 11 AM - 8 PM
Delivery available


UPDATE 4/4/2014: This place has closed down. Sad to see it go. Gonna be a long wait to find a place that serves some halal jambalaya and gumbo 




Salam/Hello guys! Ramadan Kareem to all who follow it! Today's review is something that is unique. Yes today's review is Fish Skillet. What makes this unique you ask? The answer: Cajun food! For those who don't know what it is, Cajun food is the food from the Francophone (French speaking) region of Acadiana in Louisiana. Because of its proximity to Houston, Cajun food is very popular and can be found in many restaurants. There are even frozen Cajun meals that are available for purchase at the grocery stores. The big problem with Cajun food is that pork is very popular with Cajun cuisine. For example, dirty rice has pork pieces, and so does jambalaya and gumbo in other restaurants. Not in this place though! This restaurant has been open for only a month now, so I am assuming this is the first full review for this restaurant.
I had my summer school physics final in a few hours at the local community college and decided to fill up before I took it. I wasn't craving for the usual chicken from KFC or a gyro from Fatoush. I was in the mood of something that was different from the norm. Then I discovered this place, which was only 15 minutes from the community college. After packing up and reading the last of my notes, I went to the restaurant.

Let The Experience Begin:
Fish Skillet is located at the intersection of West Little York and Greenhouse Road. It is located in one of the many strip malls that are present in Houston. The ambiance was like a typical diner. You have tables with chairs and there is a TV. The TV was showing CNN's nonstop coverage of the Trayvon Martin trial. The owner was at the cashier and welcomed me to the restaurant. To be sure, I asked whether the restaurant was halal, and it was. Then came one of my friends from UH. It turned out that his uncle owns the place. Quite interesting. The menu was located on the wall, so I decided to order from there.

Let's Eat!
There were so many options on the menu that it took me a couple of minutes to actually decide what to take. I ended up taking the chicken & seafood gumbo along with the chicken jambalaya rice. Gumbo is a special soup that is very popular in Cajun cuisine. To drink, I chose water as I prefer not to drink Coke products. The price was really good: $8.65 (tax included). While waiting for the food, I sat down and chatted with my friend. He wanted to know what classes he should take for his petroleum engineering major and also inquired about the physics class I was taking at the local community college. He also explained to me that the goal of the restaurant is to provide a halal alternative to a popular cuisine, and that it is difficult to get South Asian families to eat at the restaurant as they would prefer eating at the nearest South Asian restaurant, Khan BBQ and Grill. The wait was decent, 5 minutes and 21 seconds.

Menu: The menu can be found here. PDF required to view -->http://fishskilletseafood.com/menu

Gumbo and Jambalaya with garlic bread.

The Verdict:
Frankly saying, this was an adequate meal. The garlic bread was good, and the Gumbo was gratifying. The gumbo included crab meat, shrimp, chicken, and beef sausage. The broth was cooked perfectly and there was a lot of flavor in the seafood and the chicken. The Jambalaya was a completely different story. Firstly, THERE WAS NO CHICKEN IN THE JAMBALAYA. I understand that this is a new business, but it is important that the order should not mess up because the customers would be dissatisfied. Secondly, the jambalaya was too spicy. I found it very difficult to chew and swallow it down. The spices were so pungent that I had to take deep breaths in order to take bites. Both were washed down with a nice, cold bottle of water.

Despite the good prices, Fish Skillet has some work to do. First, they should learn to not mess up orders otherwise their business would suffer. Second, MAKE THE JAMBALAYA LESS SPICY. You could do so by putting less pepper or adding more rice. This lapse was made up by the really tasty gumbo. Make the gumbo exactly how I had it, and customers would be pleased. I will give this restaurant a break because it is still in the process of establishing, and is also hiring. I will definitely come back and try the other food again though, and I hope the order would not mess up.

Service: 9/10 (only problem was the botched order)
Food: 8.5/10 (gumbo was excellent but jambalaya was too spicy)
Waiting time: 10/10 (5 minutes and 21 seconds = efficient)
Total 27.5/30 = 91.6% (A)
Pricing: $ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Fish Skillet
19221 West Little York Road, Katy, Texas 77449
Phone: (281) 912-7323
Website: http://fishskilletseafood.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Fish-Skillet-Seafood/548687161814572
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FishSkillet
Timings --> Sun-Thu: 11 AM - 10 PM; Fri-Sat: 11 AM - 11 PM
Caters: Yes
Delivery also available

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