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Homebase Pizza- A Great Pizza Place Near My House

Restaurant: Homebase Pizza
17111 West Road, Houston, Texas 77095
Buffet or a-la-carte? A-la-carte
Date of visit: 10/12/13

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Salam/hello guys! For only the second time in this blog, I will be reviewing both lunch and dinner on the same day! While lunch was Paradise Biryani Pointe, dinner today was Homebase Pizza. Another thing about this, this is takeout. It is located literally just over a mile away from my house, and opposite Aragon Middle School. This restaurant serves halal chicken toppings on their pizzas. More on that later in this review. Eating pizza, or any takeout from any restaurant, is a rare thing in my house. Yup, for the first time ever, I am reviewing the restaurant food that is being consumed IN MY OWN HOUSE. Every other time I got takeout, I would eat in my car and then drive back to UH or home. So after the 5 minute drive, I entered the restaurant.

Let The Experience Begin!
Homebase Pizza is definitely baseball themed. On the side walls, there are autographed pictures of Craig Biggio and Jeff Bagwell, and other famous baseball players. The restaurant is mostly geared towards takeout. There were only two tables inside the whole restaurant. I do not blame as this is the case for most pizza restaurants here in Houston. Normally, pizza would come in as an a-la-carte item at really high end restaurants, or fusion restaurants. There was also a big cooler next to the cashier table. And right behind the cashier table was the kitchen. You could see the whole pizza making process occur. And it was all fresh and clean. No processed nonsense! By the way, the owners are Muslims, and they were working very hard with getting delivery orders and pick up orders, and also the pizza making.

Let's Eat!
So how exactly is this a takeout review? Well, my dad ordered it from home and told me to pick it up! What we ordered was a Medium BBQ Chicken Pizza, a large mushrooms and jalapenos pizza, and breadsticks. The preparation time for the whole menu was 20 minutes. Not bad considering the fact that two pizzas and breadsticks were being made. I paid around $28.40 for the pizza (tax included), making this the most expensive review of this blog.

Well here is the thing. ONLY the chicken toppings are halal. By chicken toppings, I mean the pizzas that have chicken on them. The other halal pizzas are the Buffalo Chicken Pizza, and the Chicken Alfredo Spinach Pizza. Next to the cash register, there is a certificate from Hira Slaughterhouse in Tomball saying that the restaurant gets their halal chicken from them. All the other chicken items are haram, such as the wings and the chicken strips. I am assuming the reason why not all the chicken is halal is because of the price difference, considering the fact that halal meat is actually more expensive than normal meat. They also sell pork products, but they are cooked separately from the halal chicken. The owner himself is hoping that one day his restaurant would be fully halal, and that he could eliminate the pork from the menu. He said that the main problem was that he couldn't find any supplier who is willing to supply the other halal meats along with the halal pizza. What was ironic was that one of the companies that he talked to would make the meat here, but would ship it off to Europe! The company even gave him in writing that it could not supply his restaurant with halal meat. This was very crucial because the halal meat was already quite expensive, and that he needed a company to supply halal meat for the other items at a cheaper price. The other problem is that most of the customers order pepperoni, which is the case for many other pizza restaurants. In fact, pepperoni is the #1 topping in the United States! He does know, however, that beef pepperoni and turkey bacon are the most common substitutes for pork. If you are still not sure about the authenticity of the halal meat, vegetarian and seafood items are available also.

BBQ Pizza


Mushroom and Jalapeno Pizza

The Verdict:
All I can say is that the pizzas were amazing! Everyone on my family really liked it! Watch out Crespo Pizza you got company! The chicken and the BBQ sauce were perfect for each other. Though not a fan of jalapenos, I really liked the mushroom and the cheese. The breadsticks were also delicious! Overall, two thumbs up!

I wish the best for this restaurant. Their pizzas and breadsticks definitely hit the spot. I really hope that one day that the restaurant becomes fully halal. I wish the best for its owner in negotiating with the money-hungry companies to getting halal meat to this pizza restaurant. Between this and Crespo pizza, the latter is ahead because of the full halal menu, but Homebase Pizza will definitely reach its level once it becomes fully halal in the future.

Service: 10/10
Food: 10/10 (Yup, its as good as Crespo)
Waiting Time: 10/10
Total: 30/30 = 100% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Homebase Pizza
17111 West Road, Houston, Texas 77095
Phone: (281) 858-8611
Timings: Mon: Closed; Tue-Thu: 11 AM - 10 PM; Fri-Sat: 11 AM - 10:30 PM; Sun: 11:30 AM - 9 PM
Caters: Yes
Delivery also available

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