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Bundu Khan Kabab House- Best Pakistani Kababs in Town

Restaurant: Bundu Khan Kabab House
10941 FM 1960 Houston, Texas 77070
Buffet or a-la-carte: Neither
Date of visit: 12/26/13


UPDATE 8/13/16:
It's one of the few Indian/Pakistani places where I wouldn't mind going to. All the kebabs I've had were amazing, but without a doubt, the biggest standout is the bihari kabab. Heck, I almost always order the bihari kabab when I go there because it is just that good lol.

Salam/hey guys! After a wonderful 6 days in Dallas, I am back in Houston. Today I am reviewing Bundu Khan Kabab House. Now this isn't any ordinary review. This is a takeout review. In a takeout review, I get the food from the restaurant, go home, eat the food, and then review it. Or I sometimes eat in the car if it is something light. We decided to get food from here as we were driving back from Dallas. It had been a long ride, and we were all tired. So my dad had called up the restaurant and placed the order. Bundu Khan has been very successful, and it is one of the few restaurant that has been in business since I came to Houston in 2006. It has locations on FM 1960 and Jones Road, and Bissonet. We drove to the FM 1960 location as it was on the way to our house. After battling through crazy drivers and post-holiday traffic, we arrived at the restaurant.

Let The Experience Begin!
Bundu Khan is located right opposite Tempura Grill (Review coming soon). While it may look dark from the outside, the inside was very bright. There was one hall for regular diners, and one hall for parties. There's a menu on top, but it is all spread out. There were no prices on it. However, there was only one paper that had all the menu items. Instead of us seeing it, the cashier fills it out when we order from the wall. But thankfully you can still see the prices, so you could know how much you are paying. There was also a cooler which had all the drinks that you could choose from.

Let's Eat!
During the car ride, we ordered 4 chicken tikka legs, naan, and one bihari kabab. They came with cucumbers, onions, lemons, and raita. Altogether, we paid $33.50 (tax included), which is $8.37 a person. This is not bad considering that this was food for a family of 4. The waiting time was 20 minutes, as said by the cashier himself. By the time we got there, it was ready and waiting for us to be taken and gobbled up. Note, chicken tikka is not the same as the fake Indiah/Pakistani dish (a.k.a. chicken tikka masala). Bihari kabab is basically meat marinated in spice and grilled. The food is grilled right behind the cashier, so the food is always fresh.

Surprisingly this is the second time I have been to a Indian or Pakistani restaurant that does not have Biryani! They don't even have any form of rice either! The only other restaurant without biryani is Tandoori Nite. Biryani is a staple dish in both Pakistani and Indian cuisines. While it is eaten at special occasions like weddings in their respective countries, it's usually eaten on a weekly basis in the Western world. In fact, when my family go and eat at Indian/Pakistani restaurants, we usually order biryani because it's our one dish that we all like. Another example is at the local mosques, where all the men expect to be served biryani after the prayer. If there is no biryani, and there is different food, then the people get upset like little babies. Anyways, one thing I would recommend is that there should be a mixed grill. Like one piece of tikka, seekh, both chicken and beef boti, and bihari kababs. The price should not exceed $15. Another thing I do not understand is why is goat expensive? Goat is widely eaten by Indians and Pakistanis, so it should be more affordable.

Chicken tikka, raita, onion, bihari kabab, and naan

Tbe Verdict:
This place definitely has some great food! The flesh of the tikka was full of flavor, and it was marinated and cooked to perfection! The bihari kabab was the clear winner. It was one of the best Pakistani kababs that I have ever had in my life! It reminded me a lot of the restaurant my family used to eat from many times back in Saudi Arabia. The naan was very fluffy, and had a lot of flavor. The chutney was not too spicy, so it was enjoyable. The food was drained by a couple glasses of water. Overall, two thumbs up.
While the food was top-notch, the service was normal. Nothing to praise or criticize. Got the food, paid, and left the restaurant.

If you want some really delicious Pakistani kababs, and are in the North side of Houston, then this place is perfect for you. With great tasting food and a place where you can take a group of people and eat, you will enjoy this place. I know I would go back and eat there again.

Grading Information:
Service: 7/10
Food: 10/10
Waiting Time: 10/10
Overall: 27/30 = 90% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Bundu Khan Kabab House
10941 FM 1960 Houston, Texas 77070
Phone: (281) 477-7897
Facebook: None
Timings: Wed-Mon: 12 PM - 10 PM; Tue: closed
Caters: yes

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Zain Mohammed

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