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Olive Burger- Dallas's Answer to M&M Grill

Restaurant: Olive Burger
451 West Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas 75080
Buffet or a-la-carte: A-la-carte
Date of visit: 12/21/13

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Salam/hey guys! For the first time in 6 months, I'm outside Houston! I am right now in Allen, Texas, which is a suburb of Dallas. Today I will be reviewing Olive Burger, a burger restaurant that is located in nearby Richardson. Someone I know had suggested Olive Burger to me, saying that it was like M&M Grill back in Houston. He said it, in the sense that it had the best burgers in all of the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. I've actually had burgers while visiting a long time back. They were decent. Sadly, when I last came here in 2012 (I started this blog March 2013), that place has closed down. With another burger place available, I was interested in trying it out. I went with my uncle who was visiting from Kansas City here, as he himself is a foodie and likes to try places. After battling through holiday traffic, we arrived at the restaurant.

Let The Experience Begin!
Olive Burger is located on West Arapaho road just before the Custer road intersection. Note, when you get off US 75, be sure to be in the right-most lane because the turning to the restaurant is a few blocks after the exit! It is located in a strip mall that is opposite to an Enterprise rental car company. As you come inside, the kitchen is right in front of you, and in front of it is the cashier. You could actually see the people making the burgers and the other stuff too! What caught my eye was the way they were making the chili cheese fries, that delicious-looking chili being added to the perfectly cooked fries. Anyways, the inside was rather interesting. They had various bumper stickers and a portrait of the Godfather and Al Pacino! There was a TV that was showing a Christmas film on the local NBC station. And man it was packed! There were families eating and chatting on the table, even though it was nearly 3 PM! So after waiting a while in the line, we were ready to order.

Let's Eat!
I ordered the Ultimate Cheeseburger, which is a 1/2 lb patty with three pieces of cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, bacon (beef of course), avocado, sauteed mushrooms, and onions. My uncle ordered the olive cheeseburger with no tomatoes and pickles, and plain fries. To drink, we both got a bottle of Pepsi. I did not pay for the food, but the price range was between $15 and $17 (tax included). The way you get your food is similar to M&M. They give you a number, and you wait until they call it. The waiting time was a modest 8 minutes and 13 seconds.

Well it's cheaper than M&M, but the choices are narrower than them. It's like your typical American diner, where you have burgers, sandwiches, sides, and drinks, while M&M has various Mexican and Mediterranean dishes. Oh, and the restaurant has both pork and turkey/beef bacon. Be sure to tell them (politely) to put the turkey/beef bacon instead of the pork bacon. They do, however, cook them separately.

Ultimate Cheeseburger

Olive Cheeseburger

The Verdict:
Long story short: This triumphs the last burger I had in Dallas. It was a great burger! The fries were also crispy and delicious. My uncle really liked his olive cheeseburger. The food was washed down with a bottle of Pepsi. Overall, two thumbs up for the food.
The service was also good. The only drawback was the calling of the numbers when the order was food. This is important because the customer should be able to hear their number being called when it is ready instead of someone yelling it out while there are a lot of customers eating their delicious food because they don't want their food to be cold! I would suggest they get a microphone so that they could call out the numbers when the food is ready.

Is Olive Burger like M&M Grill? Yes. The reason why? They are, in my opinion, the best burger restaurants in their respective cities. If you are visiting Dallas, you should definitely make a stop here to grab a bite! Trust me, you guys will really like it! And it won't take a huge bite out of your wallet! I know I am definitely coming here again the next time I visit Dallas.

Service: 9/10
Food: 10/10
Waiting Time: 10/10
Overall: 29/30 = 96.7% (A)
Pricing: $ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Olive Burger
451 West Arapaho Road, Richardson, Texas 75080
Phone: (972) 231-5842
Website: none
Timings: Mon-Fri: 10:30 AM - 9 PM; Sat: 11 AM - 9 PM; Sun closed
Caters: Yes

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