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Gyro King: The Best NY Style Place in Houston?

Food Truck: Gyro King
2424 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, Texas 77054
Date of visit: 8/30/14

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UPDATE 4/26/16:
Gyro King now has a store location on 9203 S Texas 6 in Sugar Land (Next to Kroger on Highway 6 and Bissonnet). It was opened in March. I took the family there this past Sunday. I got the usual mix over rice with Pepsi, dad got the mix as well, mom got the fish over rice, and my sister got the chicken over rice. The food was fantastic. We all enjoyed it. A noticeable difference is that at the Sugar Land location, you get more veggies in your salad.
Btw, Halal Guys is open here, so I had to change the title.


Salam/hey guys! Sorry I haven't had the time to write a review as I have been extremely busy with school. But here is the first review of the new academic school year. This place is called Gyro King. When I first heard of this place opening up, I got really excited, because it was near UH! This means that I can actually drive here, eat, and then go back to campus within a period of time! This is a lot like the Halal Bros in Austin, where UT students often go a few blocks to grab a platter. This is literally the closest we will have to the famous Halal Guys of Manhattan, because this is also a cart, not a truck. I got to try this place after I finished my Saturday class (yes I am a busy student). I wanted to grab this and then head home.

Let The Experience Begin!
Gyro King is located in the Chevron gas station at the intersection of Almeda and Old Spanish Trail. If you are coming from UH, you need to take a left. Right in the vicinity of the food cart is M&M Grill. Haven't gone back there since the whole turkey bacon scandal that has taken place there. If I had gone there, I wouldn't be writing this post. Anyways, I parked the car, and said salam to the person in the cart. Then I looked at the menu and decided what to order.

Let's Eat!
I ordered the chicken over rice platter. I asked for both the white sauce and the red sauce. I paid $8, and they do not have sales tax. The wait time was approximately 7 minutes/

Menu: The menu is very similar to what the original Halal Guys have. The pricing is much higher than Jones though

The menu (click on the menu to zoom)

The Front

Chicken over Rice with White and Red sauce

The Verdict:
One bite of the platter and it was absolutely mouthwatering. I am guessing that the red sauce is either BBQ sauce or buffalo sauce. The vegetables were fresh, and the rice was very tasty. The food was washed down with water. Overall, two thumbs up.
The service was great too. He asked me how I found out about the place, and I told him that a friend told me about it. He was very friendly

So which place do I prefer? I mean, I really love both places, but on the basis of distance from UH, this place. No longer would I need to battle the traffic passing downtown or on 59 to grab a NY style platter. That doesn't mean that I will never go back to Jones though. It will be that I will go there if I am in the vicinity, like I will be going here more often since it is very close to UH. Gyro King. I would recommend trying this place out. I hope their business succeeds since the prices are suitable for everyone in the Rice, UH, and Texas Medical Center area.

Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Waiting Time: 10/10
Overall: 28/30 = 93.3% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Gyro King
2424 Old Spanish Trail, Houston, Texas 77054
Phone: (832) 618-4891
Website: none
Facebook: none
Timings: Mon-Sat: 11 AM - Midnight
Caters: Yes
Delivery also available

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