Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bullritos- Halal Chipotle at UH

Restaurant: Bullritos
Address: 4701 Calhoun Road, Houston, Texas 77004 (University of Houston)
Buffet or a-la-carte: a-la-carte
Date of visit: 8/27/15

Salam/hey guys! Welcome to my latest review! Today, I am reviewing something that I had been waiting for a really long time: a halal alternative to Chipotle. Think of it this way. Elevation Burger is like the halal version of In-N-Out, and this is a halal alternative to Chipotle. Chipotle's meat is not halal, nor do they plan on providing halal meat at any time in the future. I would always want to try a halal version of Chipotle, since I have heard so many good things about that place. I found out about it while they were still in construction. I emailed the manager after seeing the email on the door about providing halal. And they did say yes! And they also said that they would cook separately! I went earlier in the summer, but they actually started at the start of Fall semester. I had to wait until I visited UH on the date since I got off early from my class at Prairie View A&M. I came with my best friend to the place. After going to a university event, we arrived at the place.

Let The Experience Begin!
Bullritos at UH is located in the same place as Jimmy John's, the Nook Cafe, Cafe 101, and Pink's Pizza. I was familiar with this place, since I would come to Pink's for their cheese pizza or the Nook cafe for some macarons and Mexican coke. The setting was really nice. You had a lot of places to sit and watch TV. After waiting in the line for a bit and asking about the halal food, we ordered.

Let's Eat!
My best friend and I ordered burrito bowls. The reason being that burrito bowls are really popular in Chipotle. I would see my friends always order the stuff. And I knew it would be a chance to try that thing but a halal version of it! I also had burritos and tacos and quesadillas during my M&M Grill days. We paid $7.99 each (tax NOT included). It was a lot like subway, where you could customize the items and they make it as you tell what you want. It was unlimited vegetables, but they charge for extra cheese and guacamole (bummer). We got the burrito bowl with the halal chicken, spanish rice, pico de gallo, cilantro, refried beans, and queso cheese

Menu: Bull bagTex-Mex plates
This place does serve both pork and alcohol, but the halal chicken is cooked separately. I even saw them cook separately with my own eyes. All the beans are vegetarian, and so are the rice options. They have all the Tex-Mex favorites like tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and the basic burrito! It's really nice!

The Burrito Bowl

The Verdict:
The burrito was really awesome! There was a lot of flavor in the bowl. The chicken was cooked perfectly, and everything was fresh. The queso was incredibly delicious. My friend also really liked it as well. Overall, two thumbs up.
The service was also great. The people were very nice and helpful about the halal chicken. I also saw them keep their word about cooking the halal chicken separately.

Well, the closest we have to halal Chipotle turns out to be a wonderful gem that has been added to the ever growing halal scene here in Houston. I hope to try out the other stuff as well. I also recommend you guys to give this place a try. Wonderful to see that there's a halal burrito bowl and other Tex-Mex items that many halal eaters can enjoy.

Service: 9/10
Food: 9/10
Total: 18/20 = 90% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information
4701 Calhoun Road, Houston, Texas 77004 (University of Houston)
Phone: (832) 831-0940
Timings: Mon-Sun: 11 AM - 9 PM
Caters: Yes

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Zain Mohammed

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