Saturday, December 31, 2016

QUICK REVIEW: Crisp Doner Cafe: Not So Satisfactory Doners

Restaurant: Crisp Doner Cafe
Address: 2137 Highway 6 South, Houston, Texas
Buffet or a-la-carte: a-la-carte
Date of visit: 12/10/16

Salam/hey guys! This will be a quick review. The last place I went in 2016 was a place that I had been anticipating for 6 months. It is called Crisp Doner Cafe. As an avid fan of doner kebap, I was eager to try this place out.

Let The Experience Begin!
It is located on highway 6 near the Memorial Drive intersection. The inside was very casual. You could see your food being made. I waited for 5 minutes and then ordered.

Let's Eat!
I decided to go away from the norm and try a classic doner footlong. The price was $10.81 (tax included). Waiting time was 7 minutes and 32 seconds.

Menu: This place mainly concentrates on doner, whether it's beef or chicken. Though the prices seem high, it's similar to the other Turkish places in town. Compared to the food truck, it had lower prices, but no combos.

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The Classic Doner Footlong

The Verdict:
Despite experimenting with it (putting one or both sauces inside the footlong), the doner was underwhelming. There was a lack in flavor. Couldn't they put in something like cheese like they did in their jalapeno sandwich? Anyways, the service was good. The people were really nice.

Not the best doner I've ever had to be honest. I had something similar to this at Istanbul Grill and wasn't a fan at all. I'll try their wrap. If it's good, I'll come back, otherwise I would not recommend the place at all.

Service: 9/10
Food: 6/10
Total: 15/20 = 75% (C)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Crisp Doner Cafe
2137 Highway 6 South, Houston, Texas
Phone: (281) 506-7589
Timings: Mon-Sun: 11 AM - 10 PM
Caters: Unknown

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Zain Mohammed

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