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Busy Boy = A Halal American Diner with a Mediterranean Twist

Restaurant: Busy Boy Sandwiches
5722 Hillcroft Ave. Houston, Texas 77036
Date of Visit: 3/24/13

UPDATE 8/13/16:
Even though it's been three years since I have written the review of this place, the food has simply been marvelous. This is actually one of my top spots to eat at in all of Houston! I have eaten a variety of things from the po boys to the wings, and even their burger. They did remove the pastrami a long time back, but they have halal deli meat. The people are really nice. Oh, and one suggestion I have you guys, EAT THE FRIES WITH THE GARLIC SAUCE. The garlic sauce is literally my favorite dipping sauce for fries in all of Houston.

=============================ORIGINAL POST==============================

Salam/Hello everyone and welcome to my latest review!! Today, I will be reviewing Busy Boy Sandwiches, a restaurant that is very similar to the typical American restaurant. I had just finished my chemistry and got an A on it! So I decided to reward myself by eating here for a nice filling supper. I had always been a fan of this restaurant before I started this blog. I have eaten many items from this menu, and have been visiting this place since moving to Houston from Saudi Arabia 7 years ago. Craving for something light, I decided to go here.

Let the Experience Begin:
After battling through the traffic and the erratic driving Houston is known for, I arrived at the restaurant. It is located in the Arab/Desi area of town, where many ethnic businesses are present. The competition is fierce, and Busy Boy is regarded to outrun all of them. In fact, there was even an article on the wall from the Houston Chronicle about them (sorry I don't have the link). The restaurant is very nice and clean.  The light interior makes the restaurant feel very welcoming and casual. There even was a TV, and to my delight, basketball was showing. I greeted the owner Salim, who recognized me after I walked inside. I then proceeded to order.

Let's Eat!
I ordered a Philly steak sandwich with a Pepsi, for around $9.20 (tax included). The waiting time was only 25 minutes, but I did not care as I was glued to the basketball game xD

Menu Pics:

Subs, Sandwiches, and Plates

Shawarmas and Panini Sandwiches

My Supper

One thing I noticed, however, was that they have been adding new items to the menu, all written on a whiteboard. Now there are options such as halal chicken burger, pastrami sanchwich, Turkey bacon cheeseburger, and Greek Chicken Wrap. To keep the ideas going, I had suggested to the owner that to add Beef Brisket, as it would be popular for people who want to try something different other than their home country's food. Oh, and for all the people looking for a unique experience, this place has some unique distinctions from other halal restaurants. This is the only halal restaurant in Houston that has halal po' boys, a submarine sandwich from Louisiana; what makes it different is the usage of New Orleans style bread, which is crunchy on the sides yet smooth in the center. This is also the first halal restaurant in Houston to introduce the Pastrami Sandwich, so if you are a New Yorker visiting Houston, you can make yourself feel at home. Finally, this is the first halal restaurant in Houston to have halal paninis, so you can forget about spending $7-8 on a SEPARATE panini at Panera Bread and pay the nearly the same amount for a full meal (panini, side, and drink).

IMPORTANT: The Fries are halal, so to all the Muslim readers, feel free to indulge yourselves in them.

The verdict:

If you want a good ol' American meal, this is the place you should go to. Forget all that processed crap at McDonalds or Burger King, eat here where everything is freshly cooked. This place is absolutely delicious. The beef was cooked perfectly and the cheese was absolutely mouthwatering! The onions were perfectly seasoned. All was washed down by a nice glass of Pepsi. Overall, a great meal!

Busy Boy has showed that it is consistent in making their food delicious. It has been open since 2006, and in all the times that I have visited there, I have NEVER been disappointed. Every time I would enter the restaurant, I would see plenty of families eating their food and complimenting it. No wonder it was featured at the local newspaper.
One thing they can do is expand the business. Maybe they could open up another branch around the city or even relocate to a larger building to allow more people to dine in. This is because their food is very popular and delicious, but it is far for a lot of people like me. For example, if they would open up a branch in Northwest Houston, then it would save me from the 35 minute drive from my House, or if they open a branch near Hobby airport, it would save me from another long car ride. For business purposes, they could also open up in places like downtown or the Energy Corridor. If they open up there, then many people would go there during their lunch breaks, thus the business would thrive. One noticeable example is Dimassi's on 610 and Richmond. But for now, I wish the best for the restaurant and hope that the consistency continues.


Service: 10/10 (Very Friendly)
Food: 10/10 (Delicious, even after visiting for 6 years)
Total: 20/20 (2nd straight 100!!)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Info:
Busy Boy Sandwiches
5722 Hillcroft Ave. Houston, Texas 77036
Phone: 713-783-1188
Timings: Mon-Fri --> 10 AM - 10 PM ; Sat --> 10 AM - 11 PM ; Sun --> 12 PM - 8 PM
This restaurant also caters

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