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Crespo Pizza and Italian Grill- A Bit Pricey But Totally Worth It

Restaurant: Crespo Pizza & Italian Grill
10232 Westheimer Rd. Houston, Texas 77042
Date of Visit: 3/13/13

Salam/hello everyone to my newest review. Today, I will be reviewing Crespo Pizza and Italian Grill. I was out with my friend yesterday and we got hungry as we were driving down Westheimer Rd. My friend was a very picky eater. He would seldom go places that were not Desi (anything from the Indian subcontinent) because he usually prefers eating Desi food. And when he would eat Desi food, he would only eat from one restaurant, and I absolutely HATE that restaurant. I said to him that we should go and eat pizza, but he says that cheese gives him stomach aches. Nevertheless, we went there on the condition that he gets a sandwich.

Let the Experience Begin:
Crespo is located near many offices on Westheimer Rd. Getting into the restaurant, I noticed that there were many awards that were given to the restaurant, and many thank you notes that schools and companies gave to them for their excellent food. I was also pleasantly surprised to see a TV, which actually entertain the diners while they were eating pizza or even waiting for their food to come. Thus, my friend and I were convinced that the experience would be great. And so I proceeded to the menu

Let's Eat: I ordered a medium Meat Lover's Delight with a bottle of Pepsi, while my friend ordered a Chicken Gyro Sandwich. I paid around $17.30 (tax included) while my friend paid around $7.04 (tax included). The waiting time was around 30 minutes, but we didn't need to worry about the time because we were busy watching the TV xD.

Menu: No pics unfortunately :( but the full menu is on this link -->

IMPORTANT: All meat is halal and no pork is used in this restaurant. The pepperoni and hamburger are made with beef, and the bacon and sausage are made with turkey. The cheese is Wisconsin made and all vegetables and the dough are organic.

My friend's Chicken Gyro

My meat lover's delight pizza

The Verdict: I agree with all the praises that those awards had said. The pizza was absolutely mouth watering! The meat was tender and tasteful. And I really liked the extremely gooey cheese. This delicious meal was washed down with a nice bottle of Pepsi. My friend actually liked his Chicken gyro pizza that he ate with the pizza. It reminded me of my childhood days in Saudi Arabia, where I would eat pepperoni pizza nearly every few weeks and would always enjoy it. One thing I was impressed about was that they even serve pizza by the slice. So if you want a nice snack after a long day's work, you can come here and grab two slices of any pizza that you want. No doubt, top marks. For once, I can say that there is no need for any improvement with the food or service. Everything was perfect from the friendly owner to the entertaining wait to the delicious meal. Keep it up and you will continue to succeed!!

Conclusion: Crespo Pizza & Italian Grill may be one of the fewest places where you can get halal pepperoni and bacon, but it is worth the visit. I can assure you that the food is amazing and you can order whatever you want based on how hungry you are. You can even cater for a corporate event or for some major occasion. So forget about processed crap like Pizza Hut. If you want fresh pizza, Crespo would be the right place.


Service: 10/10 (No problems here)
Food:  10/10 (Delicious and enjoyable)
Overall- 20/20 = 100% (A) (First 100!!)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:

Crespo Pizza & Italian Grill
10232 Westheimer Rd. Houston, Texas 77042
Phone: 713-978-7885
Timings: Mon-Sat --> 11 AM - 9 PM; Closed Sun

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Zain Mohammed

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