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D'Caribbean Curry Spot- Pearland's best?

Restaurant: D'Caribbean Curry Spot
8201 W. Broadway St. Pearland, Texas 77581
Date of visit: Sat 3/2/2013

Salam/Hello everyone and welcome to my second review!! today I will be reviewing a rather unique experience. I was craving for something different from the norm of biryani, kabab, and curries since I had been graciously fed by my amazing mother. I was one day surfing the Internet to find something that was unique, some cuisine that was neither Indian nor Mediterranean. Then I came across D'Caribbean Curry Spot on I was curious to see what Caribbean cuisine was like, since I had never had it before. While most of the people in my family often go out for Indian food or Mediterranean food, I actually look for unique cuisines and popular American foods such as burgers, wings, and subs, so I had the joy of going by myself since they were not interested in trying a new cuisine. I read other reviews of this restaurant, with all of them saying that the restaurant "was amazing" , "very popular", and "worth the drive". It was even voted one of the best restaurants in all of Pearland. Eager to see whether this was true, I decided to go there for a nice Saturday lunch.

Let the Experience Begin:
After the 30 minute drive from UH after the Chemistry Lab class, I arrived in the restaurant. The restaurant has a nice dark setting, and there is Caribbean radio playing. The owners, Moh and Sherry were very friendly. Just to be sure, I asked Moh whether the restaurant was fully halal, and he said yes. He then asked how far I came to try the food and where I found out about the restaurant, and I told him that I came from UH and found out from To my surprise, he knew about, unlike most owners. He then ensured that I would enjoy eating at the restaurant, and that it has always been popular with the customers since the business was established 8 years ago. Taking his word, I proceeded to look at the menu.

Let's Eat!
I then proceeded to order the large two meat combo with vegetable fried rice and Pepsi, at a decent price of around $15.50 (tax included). The meat consisted of Jerk Chicken, a popular Jamaican chicken dish consisting of grilled Chicken with a spicy sauce called jerk sauce (consists of peppers, thyme, and garlic), and oxtail (cattle's tail).

Menu Pics

Appetizers (sorry if it is sided)

Desserts and Vegetarian Dishes


Entrees (Sorry for being blurred. Soon I will get a new camera)

Roti Wraps

Extra sides and drinks

Kids Meal, Soup, and Seafood. (Note that shark is haram)

My meal (oxtail on the left and jerk chicken on the right)

The verdict: 
Well what can I say, the owner was right, and the drive from UH was absolutely worth it. The food was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! I finally felt satisfied with my meal after that horrendous Tandoori Nite experience. The jerk chicken had a lot of flavor and was also spicy, perfect to my tasting. I immediately fell in love with oxtail after I took my first ever bit of it. The meat was tender and cooked perfectly. The rice was also great, perfectly stir fried and spiced. The sauce in the little container is the hot sauce. Take a sample of it, and you will immediately need at least half a bottle of water or soda. But nevertheless, one of the best meals I have had in my life.
One thing that could be improved, however, is its cutlery. The restaurant uses plastic cutlery, including plates. It was quite difficult to break the really tender meat off with the plastic cutlery, as I nearly broke my knife a couple of times while trying to dig in the meat. Hopefully before I make another visit, they will have metal cutlery which would make it easier to enjoy the already fantastic meal.

D'Caribbean Curry Spot is definitely worth trying out, regardless of where you are in the Houston area. Friendly staff, good prices, and fantastic food; what more do you want in a restaurant? I would highly recommend this restaurant if you are craving for meat and are in the South of downtown, or simply if you want a unique halal experience. I wish them the very best in the future and hope that their business will continue to flourish.


Service- 9.5/10 (metal cutlery would have been 10/10)
Food- 10/10 (One of the best meals I have ever had)
Overall- 19.5/20 = 97.5% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant information:

D'Caribbean Curry Spot
8201 W. Broadway St. Pearland, Texas 77581
Phone: 281-412-0849
Timings: Tue-Thu & Sun --> 11 AM - 9 PM; Fri-Sat --> 11 AM - 10 PM; Closed Mon

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Zain Mohammed 

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