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Tandoori Nite Indian Cuisine

Date of visit: Thu 2/28/2013

Salaam. This is my first review, so please forgive me if I make mistakes. Feel free to comment below about suggestions for improvement.

Welcome to my first review! I will be talking about Tandoori Nite, a halal Indian restaurant in the UC satellite in the University of Houston. This opened in September 2012 to replace Montague's deli. It is located next to the Kim Son line. Being Indian, I had been curious to see how the food tastes and determine whether it felt like it was home-cooked food served in a university.

The food looks very appealing at first sight, and the people working behind are very friendly. There is no definite menu, as it rotates every month with different vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. This week's options include chicken curry, chicken karahai, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, saag paneer, and aloo chana. Prices very pretty decent. One option costs $4.99, two options cost $5.99, and three options cost $6.99. All entrees come with standard rice and half piece of naan bread. I had the chicken curry and the tandoori chicken.

Closeup of the Tandoori Chicken

Close up of the naan

Close up of the Chicken Curry

The full meal

Taste wise, the food was a completely different story. I had the chicken curry and tandoori chicken. In all honesty, I really did not like it at all. The rice was the only decent part. The naan bread was stale. The chicken curry was completely flavorless and the tandoori chicken was tasteless. It seemed like the food was made last night, frozen, and then reheated it right before the restaurant opened for the day. It reminded me of the meals that were served on Air France during my trip to Turkey last Spring Break. Two thumbs down

Tandoori Nite really needs to step up their game. They could firstly make the food fresh before they open. Secondly, they could elaborate or even expand their menu, as Indian food is not just curry and rice. Finally, they could start a combo plan that includes a side and drinks, like other restaurants at UH do. So if you want good Indian food, I would suggest you spend somewhere else.

Since this is my first post, I will explain my grading system. It will be similar to a school grading scale. The grading will be done based on service and food. The totals will add up and be averaged. Then the result will give the percentage.

Percentage scale"
90 & up - A
80-89 - B
70-79 - C
60-69 - D
59 & below- F

Dollar signs will be used to grade the pricing. "$" is the cheapest while "$$$$" is the most expensive.

Service- 9/10
Food- 4/10
Overall 13/20 (65%) = D
Pricing: $ out of $$$$

Restaurant information
Tandoori Nite
UC Satellite, University of Houston
4800 Calhoun St. Houston, Texas 77004

Mon-Thu 10:30 AM - 3:30 PM
Closed Fri-Sun

Feel free to comment below!!!

Zain Mohammed

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