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Nazif's Turkish Grill and Deli- The Best Turkish Restaurant So Far

Restaurant: Nazif's Turkish Grill and Deli
8821 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77061
Buffet or a-la-carte: a-la-carte
Date of visit: 1/31/14

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UPDATE 8/11/17: This is only the first non Indian/Pakistani restaurant to have halal brunch.Food was fantastic.

Salam/hey guys! Today I will be reviewing another Turkish restaurant. This time, it is Nazif's Turkish Grill. My parents are out of town, so I did not have any lunch from home. I was given a specific amount of money to spend on eating at a restaurant. At UH, I only had one class on Fridays. That class was from 11 AM to 12 PM. After that, I was free until 5:30 PM, where I had to go to my cousin's house. I was in the mood to fill up, as I had not eaten breakfast that day. As soon as the class was finished, I set off to the restaurant.

Let The Experience Begin!
The restaurant is located at the intersection of Westheimer and Fondren road at the strip mall where the Starbucks is. Inside, the decor was very nice. There was Turkish music playing, and there was a drum set for the live performances. As soon as I got in, I was immediately helped by the waiter, unlike the previous day at Golden Hunan. As soon as I sat down, I was handed the menu. 5 minutes later, I was ready to order.

Let's eat!
I ordered the baby lahmacun (turkish pizza) and the Nazif's special mixed grill. The mixed grill consists of lamb shish, chicken shish, beef steak, meatballs and served with grilled vegetables, salad, onions, rice, and french fries. The main reason I like to order the mixed grill at restaurants is because it would allow me to sample all the different types of kebab. I paid a total of $17.21 (tax included). The waiting time was a wonderful 10 minutes and 3 seconds.

The menu almost the same as the other Turkish restaurants that I have been to in Houston. Like you have all the options of the appetizers, and the kebabs as either in a wrap or a plate. Like Pasha, the famous Turkish tea comes with no price. But I noticed two differences. First, Nazif's mixed grill is the cheapest out of all the Turkish restaurants here in Houston for both lunch and dinner. Second, there is this thing called the extra mixed grill, where there is more meat. 

Baby Lahmacun

The Special Mixed Grill

The Verdict:
The food was on the same level as Pasha. I really enjoyed this meal. This is definitely the best mixed grill I've had so far in all the Arab and Turkish restaurants I have reviewed. I found no faults with all the different meats that were on the plate. The Turkish bread was also awesome and flavorful. The rice was perfectly cooked, and the vegetables were fresh. I'm not a huge fan of cabbage, but the cabbage here was simply the best. The fries were also nice and crispy. The food was washed down with a nice glass of water. Overall, two thumbs up.
The service was on par with the food. The waiter was very nice, much better than yesterday's trip to Golden Hunan. He was very friendly and made me feel welcome in the restaurant.

There is another excellent Turkish place to try along with Pasha, and it's this restaurant. I would definitely recommend this place if you want some good Turkish food near the Galleria. Service-wise, this beats Pasha. Very nice people, live performances (halal of course), and great tasting food, this place is perfect. I'll definitely be coming back and eating more stuff from here.

Service: 9.5/10
Food: 9/10
Waiting Time: 10/10
Overall: 28.5/30 = 95% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Nazif's Turkish Grill and Deli

8821 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77061
Phone: (713) 977-4476
Facebook: none
Timings: Tue-Sat: 11:30 AM - 10 PM; Sun: 10:30 AM - 9 PM; Mon closed
Caters: Yes

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Zain Mohammed

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