Monday, August 11, 2014

Eastern Style BBQ - No Halal BBQ, but rather a taste of home

Restaurant: Eastern Style BBQ
Catering business
Date of tasting: 3/8/14

Salam/hey guys! Hope you guys had a great Eid! Sorry I've been out, but I've been very busy with summer classes. Anyways, today we are reviewing a catering company for the first time! Now this is different. There will only be grading on the food. Normally there would be a menu available to view with the prices displayed, but in this case, there isn't. There is only going to be the verdict and "Let's Eat!", where the food options available are displayed, because there's literally no experience in a catering company. And there is no waiting time because the main factor in how long it will take for the food to come is the traffic. Now what made it possible was that the ICNA (Islamic Circle of North America) Houston Chapter was having their Eid picnic. I didn't get the food; the organizers did. All I did was play a game of cricket with my friends.

Let's Eat!
The options were: beef kabob, chicken tikka, and every South Asian person's favorite dish: biryani. No idea on how prices were as I didn't order it.

Biryani, Kabob, and Chicken Tikka

The Verdict:
Believe it or not, the food is actually decent! I guess it really pays off when a restaurant actually makes their food fresh. It was very welcoming to see a restaurant that serves Indian/Pakistani restaurant that actually has taste fresh and actually maintains good quality. The kabob was good, but the biryani was the standout. The food was washed down with a bottle of water.

If you want some good Indian/Pakistani food for a wedding, event, or a simple gathering, then Eastern Style BBQ would be a great option. Their food actually tastes fresh and has good quality.

Food: 8/10 = 80% (B)
Call for Pricing

Restaurant Information:
Eastern Style BBQ
Phone: (281) 871-0060

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Zain Mohammed

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