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Noodle Wave- Halal Thai Food in the DFW Metroplex

Restaurant: Noodle Wave
Address: 2775 S Central Expressway Suite #180, McKinney, Texas 75049
Buffet or a-la-carte: a-la-carte
Date of visit: 5/27/15

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Salam/hey guys! Welcome to my latest review! Today's review is (at long last) Noodle Wave. Noodle Wave has three locations in the DFW Metroplex: Richardson, Frisco, and McKinney. This review is for the McKinney location. This is somewhere I wanted to go to for a really long time. Everyone I knew back in Houston would tell me about this place and about how amazing this place was. I would always get recommendations from people back in Houston about this place. I never got the chance to try, because no one in my family except me likes Thai food ( I am not kidding). I remember my parents talking about how horrible it tastes. Plus I never had a car to myself for all the Dallas trips that I have made, At long last, the time came for me to try when I decided to go out an try a place and write up about it. This restaurant was the first one that came up to my mind. It was literally 10 minutes from my aunt's house in Allen. The drive was quite long though, mainly because I was on the feeder of US 75 and foolishly missed the Eldorado bypass. Nevertheless, I arrived at the place.

Let The Experience Begin!
Noodle Wave sits next to a bank and a Mattress Firm. Inside, the restaurant had a very nice ambiance. There was music playing, which made it soothing for the customers. I was immediately helped by a waitress. After looking at the menu and getting some water, I was ready to order.

Let's Eat!
I ordered the lunch special. It consisted of a spicy onion soup, chicken tun tac (Asian vegetables, bean sprouts, egg, peanuts, and thai seasongs stir fried with big flat noodles with chicken), herbal chicken, which was crispy chicken infused with Thai herbs and seasonings topped with crispy basil leaves. The last part of the lunch special was dessert, which I got chocolate ice cream. Normaly at Thai places, I would order the Pad Thai, but since the price of all this food was $11.80 (tax included), it was something that I couldn't resist getting. The waiting time was 12 minutes and 3 seconds. 

The menu here is more extensive than the other Thai places that I have been to. You even get specialties from southern Thailand. Fried ice cream looks really tempting to me. There are so many noodle options and curry options, some of which I had never seen before. I also like that this place has non-alcoholic tiramisu.

Photo taken from my Snapchat: halalreviewer

The Main Meal

The Verdict:
Needless to say, everyone who told me about Noodle Wave was roughly 90% right. This place IS REALLY GOOD, but for the most part. The chicken tun tac was phenomenal. It had a lot of flavor and the chicken was cooked perfectly. The vegetables were fresh also. I also enjoyed the egg roll. I find it interesting how they also put the nuts in the sweet and sour sauce. Note, if you have a nut allergy, you gotta warn the waiter/waitress about it. The only place that messed up though was the herbal chicken. It could've been better. It could use some more flavor. Overall, one thumb up for the tun tac and egg roll, and one side thumb for the herbal chicken. The ice cream was a nice end to the meal.
The service was very good and expedite. The waitress was friendly and I got my meal within 15 minutes.

Everyone was right about Noodle Wave being good. Literally the only thing that has to be fixed was the herbal chicken. Nevertheless, it's now one of the places that I hope to go back again and eat at the next time I visit Dallas. I hope to come back and try their Pad Thai along with their curries and specialties. If you are in Dallas, whether you are staying somewhere or just need to take a quick break from driving if you are going out of state on US 75, then you should definitely give this place a try!

Service: 8.5/10
Food: 8.5/10 (10/10 for tun tac, 7/10 for herbal chicken)
Total: 17/20 = 85% (B)

Restaurant Information: 
Noodle Wave
2775 S Central Expressway Suite #180, McKinney, Texas 75049
Phone: (972) 542-4542
Timings: Mon-Thu: 11 AM - 3 PM and 4:30 PM - 9:30 PM; Fri: 11 AM - 3 PM and 4:30 PM - 10 PM; Sat: 11:30 AM - 10 PM; Sun: 11:30 AM - 9 PM
Caters: Yes

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