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Sayad Mediterranean Grill - Best Arab Restaurant in Houston So Far

Restaurant: Sayad Medierranean Grill
Address: 12225 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77077
Buffet or a-la-carte: a-la-carte:
Date of visit: 8/19/15

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UPDATE 12/29/15:
I made a visit one day and tried their special dish called mandi. Mandi is a rice and lamb dish originally from Yemen. I used to really enjoy it when I used to live in Saudi. Here, the mandi was top notch. The lamb was very tender and tasty. The rice was cooked perfectly. It felt nice eating it after 10 years! The price is at least $16 (without tax)
One more thing, the mansaf special is only on Fridays and is the same price as the Mandi

Salam/hey guys! Today I will be reviewing a pretty well known Arab restaurant in Houston: Sayad Mediterranean Grill. It is located right across from Adam's Supermarket. I have always wanted to try this place, but I never got the chance to. I tried many times to convince my dad to meet up there for lunch and tried to convince my family to eat there for dinner. None were successful. Now when we would eat outside food, we would for the most part either get food from Khan BBQ & Grill or Saravanaa Bhavan. I got to go here on my last day of my internship with a good friend of mine. We had planned a day earlier for this so that I could gather my money for the trip. The next day, I told my boss that I was going out for lunch, and then I drove there and met my friend up. 

Let the Experience Begin!
Out of all the halal restaurants that I have been to, Sayad's takes the title of the best interior look and best ambiance. Ever since coming from Saudi, I have never seen a restaurant look so nice on the inside. We were greeted at the front by a very nice waiter. He escorted us to the table. We were then given the menus.

Let's Eat!
My friend advised me to get the mixed shawarma plate, which I did. I trusted him since I know that he knows what the good items are in town. The mixed shawarma is basicaly shawarma meat with biryani rice (from taste it was bukhari rice), pita bread, pickles, onions, tomatoes, and a side of fries. My friend ordered the same thing but got the hummus as a side. To drink, I had a nice glass of Mexican Coke. My friend paid, as he also got takeout for his colleagues at work. The waiting time was not bad at all, as we both got our lunches under 20 minutes. After that, we went next door to Shipley's and had some tasty beignets.

A bit pricey for a Mediterranean place, but not as pricey as Fadi's. This was the main complaint that my parents had about this place believe it or not. Out of all the Mediterranean places I have been to in this blog, this has the most seafood options. They have the normal options like kababs, shawarmas, and hummus.

Mix Shawarma Platter

The Verdict:
The last time I had a mix shawarma platter was at Afrah's in Dallas back in May. It was actually very bad. But here, it was a complete 180. The biryani (aka Bukhari) rice, was absolutely amazing. The meat were perfectly cooked. The garlic sauce didn't leave a nasty odor or seem as if your tongue got pierced. It was perfect with the fries. The other white sauce tasted were very good, and so were the vegetables. My friend enjoyed his food like he did at the other times he visited the place. Overall, two thumbs up.
Service was great also. The waiter was really friendly.

Move over Aladdin's, Sayad is now my top Mediterranean restaurant in Houston. I hope to go back and eat here on many occasions. From what I have heard, they serve Mansaf on Saturdays. I would definitely recommend this place for anyone visiting Houston. A nice change from the disappointing experience at Yaal Tiffins.

Service: 9/10
Food: 10/10
Total: 19/20 = 95% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Sayad Medierranean Grill
12225 Westheimer Road, Houston, Texas 77077
Phone: (281) 293-9090
Timings: Mon-Thu & Sun: 11 AM - 10 PM; Fri-Sat: 11 AM - 11 PM
Caters: Yes
Gift Cards available for purchase

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