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Taz Indian Cuisine - Halal Indian Food in Aggieland

Restaurant: Taz Indian Cuisine
Address: 2416 South Texas Avenue, College Station, Texas 77840
Buffet or a-la-carte: a-la-carte
Date of visit: 9/9/15

Salam/hey guys! Welcome to my latest review. Sorry I haven't been posting for a while. I've been getting really busy with schoolwork, with midterms right around the corner. Anyways today's review is Taz Indian Cuisine. I visited College Station to attend the career fair that was taking place at Texas A&M University. Although I attend Prairie View, I am allowed to attend there since Prairie View is part of the Texas A&M System. I actually heard of this place by reading a list of restaurants that were listed on the website of the Islamic Community of Bryan- College Station when I came here for MSA Showdown. I also did not want to drive far from the Texas A&M Campus to Bryan, because I was planning on meeting a good friend of mine at his apartment. I then remembered reading this and actually considered trying this place, even though it's Indian. I called them up, and they said it was halal. So I went to the restaurant after finishing speaking to companies and handing in my resumes.

Let The Experience Begin!
The restaurant is located in the same strip mall as the Kroger at the intersection of South Texas and Southwest Parkway. The inside had a very dark ambiance, the darkest I've been in during the daytime. In fact, it was so dark that I found it difficult to take the picture without flash. And it was actually packed with people! To make things more ironic, it was a buffet because once you came in, you saw a few yellow lights and food right under it. The last time that I remember a packed buffet was at Mayuri back in Houston. Could this buffet be really good for it to be packed?! I had to wait for a little bit before someone came and arrived and helped me. I was then escorted to the table, asked what to drink, and then started eating.

Let's Eat!
Among the Indian/Pakistani buffets I have been to, this is a very rare occurrence where there was no biryani in the buffet. This is only the second instance (first being Maharajah back in Houston) that this had occurred. It was like every other Indian buffet, where you have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options with rice, naan, and chutneys. I had potato with brocolli (they're actually two of my favorite vegetables), white rice, chicken tandoori, lamb curry, chili chicken, and chicken masala. I went twice. I don't remember the exact price, but I think it was either $9.95 or $10.95 (both NOT including tax).

Menu: http://www.tazcuisine.com/collegestation_tx/menu.html
This restaurant does serve alcohol, but there is no pork. The restaurant has many of the popular curries, kebabs, naans, and rice dishes from both North India, and dosas, and idli from South India.

The Buffet

The Verdict:
For an Indian buffet, it was actually tasty! This was far better than most of the Indian/Pakistani buffets that I have been to back in Houston. The curries actually had some flavor. The rice was actually fresh as well. It definitely didn't seem like everything was just reheated. Good job Taz!
Service could improve though. The people were very nice and had smiles, which is one thing that is severely lacking in many Indian/Pakistani restaurants back in Houston. The gentleman who took me to my table didn't speak at all however. I honestly was confused who was gonna help me. My advise is that they should let the gentleman refill the water or do something that doesn't require communication, and let someone who speaks help the customers that walk into the restaurant. On the bright side, they weren't hesitant to answer when I again asked if they're halal.

Taz Indian Cuisine exceeded my expectations, especially considering the fact that it was a lunch buffet. I would definitely come here for dinner one day if I were to be in College Station in the future. I would also recommend those who want Indian food or those who only eat Indian food when eating out (yes, there are many like that). You can even take friends that are vegetarian here and enjoy the food!

Service: 7/10
Food: 8/10
Total: 15/20 = 75% (C)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Taz Indian Cuisine
2416 South Texas Avenue, College Station, Texas 77840
Phone: (979) 696-6560
Website: http://www.tazcuisine.com/collegestation_tx/index.html (They also have a location in Beaumont)
Timings: Lunch --> Mon-Sun 11 AM - 3 PM; Dinner --> Sun-Thu 5 PM - 9:30 PM & Fri-Sat: 5 PM - 10 PM
Caters: Yes

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Zain Mohammed

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