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Pizza 101: The Best Halal Desi Pizza in Town

Restaurant: Pizza 101
Address: 15215 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas
Buffet or a-la-carte: A-la-carte
Date of visit: 5/28/16

Salam/hey guys! I hope everyone is having a great Ramadan! Today I will be writing about one of the newest halal pizza places in town: Pizza 101. I first heard about it on Facebook when the owner announced that the restaurant will be opening in Sugar Land. I was really excited to see another halal pizza place opening up in Sugar Land, and wondered how it will compare to U.B.'s. Thing is though, that this turned out it will have both Desi pizzas (i.e. kabab pizza, chicken tikka pizza, etc.) and regular pizzas. So it wouldn't be fair to compare them to a place that has Arab pizzas. Some people actually got to try it, including one of my good friends. She was a really big fan of it. Everyone who tried it got the Desi style pizzas, and they said they loved it. Those same people said that it was the best halal pizza in town, but I took that with a pinch of salt. This is because you cannot compare Desi style pizza to regular pizzas you get at Home Base, Crespo, or Russo's. Just to let you know, regular pizzas = meat lovers, supreme, beef pepperoni, etc. You cannot expect the regular style pizzas to have the same amount of spices as the Desi style pizzas. And I say this because I have had Desi style pizza before in my pre-blogging days. Anyways, the time came for me to try Pizza 101 after I attended a nikkah (declaration of legal contract between bride and groom in an Islamic marriage). I was really hungry, and was in the mood of a major cheat meal. So I thought "why not try this place since it just opened up". After the ceremony was over, I headed to the restaurant.

Let The Experience Begin!
Pizza 101 is located way at the back of the strip mall complex on 59 and Williams Trace (same complex as Aling's). In fact, you have to turn onto Williams Trace just to get there. Next to it is a Marble Slab. Inside, there was a TV playing and the interior looked really ice. There were facts about pizza on one side of the wall, There were two TVs above the cashier showing the menu. After waiting, I was ready to order.

Let's Eat!
I was originally going to do the build your own, but it ends up that they charge for every ingredient added. This was not mentioned on the menu and I was pretty disappointed. It's not right to rip people off like this, especially those who are on a budget. What Blaze Pizza and MOD Pizza are doing by allowing you to put unlimited toppings for one price is becoming increasingly popular, and we need more than one halal pizza place to do so. I asked them what their popular pizzas were, and they said the kabab madness and the chicken tikka pizza. So I went with a small kabab madness. The kabab madness pizza consists of  Problem was, they didn't have the small crust, so I had gotten a medium pizza. I really didn't get the logic. How can you say that you only have medium or large if they require more dough than a small?? Yes, it may be your soft opening, but you should still be able to make some more dough if one were to order a small and take a lot away from the medium or large pizzas. Thankfully, they let me pay for the medium for the same price of a small.

Menu: Pizza 101 has regular style pizzas along with two Desi style pizzas: the chicken tikka and the kabab madness. They have pasta as well. The drinks are priced pretty high in my opinion. I got the menu from their Yelp page because their website didn't mention the pizza prices for some reason.

The Pizzas (Photo Credit: their Yelp Page)

Appetizers, Pastas, Drinks, and Desserts (Photo Credit: their Yelp Page)

Kabab Madness

The Verdict:
Despite the issues in the menu pricing and the unavailability of the small size, the pizza was phenomenal. The kabab in the pizza was out of this world! Everything else was full of flavor adn was really tasty. The dough was not too thick. Two thumbs up for the pizza.

Pizza 101 definitely has a chance of beating out Crespo and Home Base Pizza in the title of best halal pizza in Houston. I hope they add the menu prices for the extra toppings in the build your own pizzas. I'll definitely come back and try the other pizzas that they offer.

Service: 7/10
Food: 9/10
Total: 16/20 = 80% (B)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Pizza 101
15215 Southwest Freeway, Sugar Land, Texas
Phone: (281) 201- 8525
Timings: Mon-Thu & Sun: 12 PM - 11 PM; Fri-Sat: 12 PM - 12 AM
Caters: not yet, but will eventually start
Delivery will start soon
Ordering online available

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Zain Mohammed

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