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Rehla Foods: Great Filling Meals for a Very Affordable Price

Restaurant: Rehla Foods
Address: 4901 Rose Street, Houston, Texas
Buffet or a-la-carte: none
Date of visit: 7/3/17

Salam/hey guys! Today I will be talking about a place called Rehla Foods. So what is Rehla Foods? Rehla Foods is more of a pop up place rather than a restaurant. The reason? They are inside another restaurant (The Twisted Palate) and they are open for only three days per week. All that is set to change in a few weeks as they will shift to a new place. But for now, we are just going to write about the past experience. I first heard about the place after I received an email from the owner about trying the place after they opened last year. I never got to try because of school, where I had classes on all days that it was open, and it was a lengthy drive from my old workplace. That all changed when I realized that it was only 10 minutes from my new workplace. After clocking out for lunch, I went there.

Let The Experience Begin!
The Twisted Palate is located on Rose and Durham in the Heights. Nothing much to explain, except the fact that I ordered over the phone. When I got to the place, there were other cars waiting for their food. I just waited until an employee came to my car with the food.

Let's Eat!
I ordered a single cheeseburger for myself and a boneless chicken biryani to share with my boss, since he's a big biryani fan. The cheeseburger had the basic meat, cheese, and vegetables on a challah bun. The sauces came on the side rather than inside the burger (for a good reason). The biryani was Lahori style, meaning that it is biryani that is popular in the Pakistani city of Lahore (considered to be Pakistan's food capital) I paid a total of $11.24 for that. Wow. Incredibly affordable. In many other places, the price would be at least $20.
A very important thing to note is that this is not a dine in place. They only do delivery or takeout as of right now.

Individually, the burger was $5.69 and the biryani was $4.69. This is by far the cheapest biryani I've had in a while actually. They have a diverse selection of food. They hope to add the spaghetti soon.

Le Burger

Le Biryani

The Verdict:
Both food items looked tasty and fresh. Both had big portions as well. Regarding the burger, it was decent, but certainly not the best. There could've been more flavor in the burger. No need to worry about the seeds on the bun; they''re black sesame seeds! The biryani was completely different, It was actually excellent! Without a doubt the second biryani I have had that I actually liked. And at $4.69+ tax, it was a great value. The service was ok. Nothing to complain about.

I cannot wait to go to their new location and get their biryani again, but for burgers, I'd just stick to my top spots in town. If you want to have some really good biryani in the Heights, then you should check this place out! They even deliver as well!

Service: 8/10
Food: 7/10 (6/10 for burger and 8/10 for biryani)
Total: 15/20 = 75% (C)
Pricing: $ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
Rehla Foods
Address: 4901 Rose Street, Houston, Texas
Phone: (713) 340-9172
Timings: Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays: 10 AM - 3 PM
Caters: Yes
Delivery available

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Zain Mohammed

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