Saturday, November 23, 2013


So remember when I was telling you about a surprise coming up! Well, the epic surprise is that I got the opportunity to hang out with the one and only Sameer Sarmast. Who is he you may ask? He is the main guy from Sameer's Eats! Yes, that show on YouTube where he showcases halal restaurants. He is also the main guy that is running Texas's first ever Halal Food Festival that will take place on December 14th at the Maryam Masjid baseball field in Sugar Land. We went and ate at different restaurants, and had nice conversations about food, life, and the upcoming festival.

Me and Sameer

The first restaurant that we stopped at was Busy Boy on Hillcroft. We decided to buy one philly cheesesteak sandwich and share it. Sameer was also promoting the Festival by talking to the management of the restaurant. He asked them whether he could hang the poster that is promoting the festival outside the restaurant and he left many flyers inside the restaurant. He also asked them whether they could be a vendor for the festival. We then proceeded to talk while waiting for the cheesesteak to come.

The Philly Cheeseteak

According to Sameer, it was very decent, and I enjoyed it too.

Running short on time because we had to meet the volunteers for the food festival at 7:30, we decided to go to one more restaurant. We had decided to go to none other than M&M Grill. We decided to go there because Sameer had always heard from his Houston fans that he should try this place. He also noticed that it is a very popular place in Houston. Going inside, he promoted the festival. The management actually let him hang the poster on one of the windows. Sameer also left flyers so that the customers would pick it up. After the promotion was done, we both decided to order a loaded double cheeseburger.

The famous Loaded Double Burger from M&M Grill

As always, the burger was amazing. Sameer was actually surprised how loaded the burger really was xD. In fact, it was so loaded that he wasn't able to finish it. This was because he had eaten Fadi's before meeting me at Busy Boy.

It was fun hanging out with one of the biggest halal food fanatics in the country. I really hope that the Halal Food Festival turns out to be a huge success!

Zain Mohammed

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