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CLOSED: D'Marcos Pizzeria: A Taste of the Windy City in Space City

D'Marcos Pizzeria
Address: 11102 South Highway 6 Suite 106, Sugar Land, Texas 77498
Buffet or a-la-carte: a-la-carte
Date of visit: 12/23/15

Photo Credit: their website

UPDATE 8/21/17: Sadly this place has shut for good. I'll definitely miss this place. Now the wait for halal deep dish in Houston commences. 

Salam/hey guys, welcome to my final review for 2015! Today I will be reviewing a pizza place that has a favorite among many people: deep dish pizza. The place is called D'Marcos Pizzeria. It was actually started up by a person named Demarco who moved here from Chicago. An interesting fact is that the owner used to be an engineer with a Professional Engineering license who had a Master's degree in Infrastructure Engineering and Management. He was actually featured on the Houston Chronicle, Fox 26, and the Houston Press. He has even participated in pizza competitions, finishing in the top 10 in one commpetition, and the top 15 in the other. And guess what, they have halal options for their deep dish pizza! I remember eating deep dish pizza back  in Chicago in 2010, but it was all cheese. There is another place with halal deep dish pizza called Rosati Pizza located on Federal Rd. in the east side of town. They also have a location on Memorial Dr. Ever since I found out about this place, I have been waiting to go here for a really long time. I remember seeing a lot of my friends trying the place and actually liking it. The time came for me to try it on my birthday. I picked up my best friend and made the drive to Sugar Land.

Let The Experience Begin!
D'Marcos Pizzeria is located off a strip mall on Highway 6 just before the W Airport intersection. It is located next to A1 Bombay Grill. The inside was nice and casual. We went up to the counter and we were ready to order.

Let's Eat!
One thing my friend and I knew before going there was that we were going to eat deep dish pizza. When we got up there, we made sure that there were halal items. The friendly lady helped us out telling us what toppings were halal and what toppings were pork. She also told us that the deep dish was going to take 45 minutes to be served (mind you it is BIG). So we decided to get some appetizers. We ordered the lasagna dip with halal chicken sausage ($4.99 + tax), garlic bread ($2.99 + tax) and also a meatball sub for both of us to share ($5.99 + tax). We both had soda. They don't have Pepsi or Coke or Dr. Pepper. They actually have Maine Root Soda. We both had the Mexicane Cola flavor. For the deep dish, we had the Southside pizza, which contained halal chicken sausage (tell them you want the halal chicken sausage when you order), mushrooms, green peppers, and onions ($22 + tax). While waiting, we had the appetizers and we talked.

Not only do they have deep dish pizza, they also have regular pizza if you don't want to wait. They also have halal pastas, including chicken parmesan! All the chicken and beef at the Sugar Land location is halal (they advertise as "100% organic which is free of hormones and antibiotics"). However, at the Memorial location, only the meatballs are halal, and this was confirmed at the Sugar Land location. On the menu and the website, it's marked in green. It turns out that they serve halal meat because they know that Sugar Land has a lot of Muslims, and that it would be nice to accommodate them and also get them to try a taste of Chicago.

Lasagna Dip with Chicken Sausage

Halal Meatball Sub

South Side Deep Dish Pizza

Garlic Bread

The Verdict:
The drive from Cypress to Sugar Land was worth it. We thoroughly enjoyed the food. The deep dish was excellent! It was well worth waiting 5 years to try it again, and worth waiting 45 minutes to get it served to us. The Lasagna dip was marvelous. Just a heads up though, it is very hot when it is served. The meatball sub was also good. The garlic bread could have been a bit more crispy though. It definitely seems like the hype that the media made was true, and that the top finishes were actually justified. Overall, two thumbs up for the food.
Service was magnificent. They are very friendly and always have a smile on their face when they help you. They make sure that you feel welcome in the restaurant.

D'Marcos Pizzeria is a place that I would definitely recommend you guys to check out if you want to eat halal deep dish. There is actually one place in Chicago (from what I know is well known) called Italian Express that has halal stuffed pizza, which is literally the same thing by appearance. I think both NY and Chicago style pizzas are great to be honest. Now I got a tip for you guys. If you don't want to go and wait for the deep dish to come, call them up (I put the number of the restaurant like I always do in every review) and let them know in advance that you want to order the deep dish. I would also advise you to save the menu or visit their menu on their website before ordering. If you still want regular pizza, you should give this place a try. I know I am coming back here in the future.

Service: 10/10
Food: 9/10
Total: 19/20 = 95% (A)
Pricing: $$ out of $$$$

Restaurant Information:
D'Marcos Pizzeria
11102 South Highway 6 Suite 106, Sugar Land, Texas 77498
Phone: (281) 575-6100 for Sugar Land location. (281) 589-8800 for Memorial location

Sugar Land location:
Monday: closed
Tuesday: 11 PM - 8 PM
Wednesday-Sunday: 11 PM - 9 PM

Memorial Dr. location:
Monday: closed
Tuesday & Sunday: 11 AM - 8PM
Wednesday-Saturday: 11 PM - 9 PM

Caters: Yes
Delivery: Yes
Online ordering available

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Cheers and Happy New Year!
Zain Mohammed

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