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Fadi's Mediterranean Grill- Your school cafeteria outside your school

Restaurant- Fadi's Mediterranean Grill
8383 Westheimer Road suite 112, Houston, Texas 77063
Buffet or a-la-carte? A-la-carte
Date of visit: 10/18/13

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Salam/hello guys! I hope your Eid went well! Today I am bringing to you a very well known restaurant in Houston: Fadi's Mediterranean Grill. Fadi's is well known here in Houston, with three locations in Houston, one location in Sugar Land, and two locations in Dallas. Normally, I would go out on Saturdays to try out a restaurant and review it, but today was a special occasion. I became part of a group called Muslim Youth of Bear Creek. The goal of this is to promote a feeling of community among the Muslims in the Bear Creek Area. They had a board meeting here, and I am a member of the board. We were going to discuss how to recruit people to join the group, how to raise funds for the group, and what events to plan for the community. The reason why the meeting was held here instead of a mosque was because they wanted a more social place. They wanted a place that was not quiet and could relax and not stress. As soon as our classes were finished, we went to the restaurant.

Let The Experience Begin!
Fadi's is located just before the intersection of Westheimer and Hillcroft Avenue. It is located at a normal strip mall. Inside the restaurant was very lively. The busboys were bustling around the restaurant, cleaning the mess that the customers left behind. There was a baker making fresh bread. And there were people behind the food counter waiting to serve people. The cashiers were busy helping the customers out with how much they had to pay. My friend and I were the first of our group to arrive. 15 minutes later, everyone else arrived. After everyone else arrived, we decided to start eating.

Let's Eat!
Now things are different here at Fadi's than at other restaurants. At Fadi's, it's more like a school cafeteria. The options are presented right in front of you. First you got the bread, then the vegetables, then the meat, then the desserts, and then the drinks. The people actually ask what you want and they serve it to you. It reminds me of my dark days of middle school, where all processed crap was being served by the cafeteria ladies everyday during lunch. There, the pizza was like half cooked tomato lasagna, and the fried were literally cardboard. You also have an option of ordering dishes that are not displayed. The way you pay for your food is also different. It basically a fair game. You see what you like, and you get it. However, you are at a risk of paying too much for it at the end. It's not that you just pay after you eat. You pay, eat, and if you want to take seconds, pay again! Just like the cafeterias in schools. For budget reasons, the other guys ordered shawarmas sandwiches and plates with juices and soda. Each paid around $10 each. I, on the other hand, had plenty to spend. I heard from other people that the cafeteria style food is worth eating. I ordered a Greek salad, bread, beef pide (Turkish pizza), potatoes, rice, lamb shank, and chicken. For this, I paid a ridiculous $22.50! Two vegetarian and two meat dishes with rice for that price is WAY too much. I could go to another restaurant and get a mixed grill AND a vegetarian dish AND an appetizer for LESS the price. Another annoying thing I saw was that juice was $4! Why so expensive? On the second helping, I got filet mignon kabab for $5.94! Now that's a wonderful deal! I wish they could charge that less for the cafeteria style food. The waiting time for the kabab was a modest 9 minutes and 16 seconds. To drink, I got Perrier sparkling water.

Menu: Regarding the cafeteria style dining, the menu changes and varies per restaurant. There is however a to-go menu:

First dish (counterclockwise: Lamb shank, rice, Greek salad, potatoes, sparkling water, pide, chicken, bread)

Filet Mignon Kabab with vegetables and tahini sauce

The Verdict:
The food had its ups and downs. The rice was delicious, and so were the potatoes, the chicken, bread, pide, and the salad. The lamb shank was very dry and had no flavor. The filet mignon kabab was also delicious. The tahini sauce was a perfect condiment to the kabab. There was also mixed reactions from the other guys. Some liked it, some didn't. All the food that I ordered were washed down by a bottle of Perrier sparkling water.

Well if you want to come in here, come here for special occasions. Why? Because it is so darn expensive. Why is it so expensive? $4 for juice, and the risk of paying too much because the food that you see is so interesting that you want to try them all. Also, I would recommend that you order directly instead of going cafeteria style because there is a bigger chance that the food will taste better. And more importantly, you will save money.

Service: 7.5/10
Food: 8/10
Waiting Time: 10/10
Total: 25.5/30 = 85% (B)
Pricing: $$$ out of $$$$

Restaurant information:
Fadi's Mediterranean Grill
8383 Westheimer Road Suite 112, Houston, Texas 77063
Phone: (713) 532-0666
Fax: (713) 532-0677
Timings: Mon-Sat: 11 AM - 10 PM; Sun: 11 AM - 8 PM
Caters? Yes

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Zain Mohammed

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